Announcement: Change the topic of website

Hi, all readers of!

I’m Tran Nhat Phuong, the website owner. I know probably you are like to read this website because there is knowledge about marketing, SEO, SEM… But, cause some reason I will shift the topic of this website to another. I want to write this announcement to note you know.

Now website is all about my life, a Vietnamese guy, living in Viet Nam. I want to share all things about Viet Nam life with foreign readers. On this website, you can find some true reviews about travel points, I will share my thought (if you want to know), I will give you many tips to visit Viet Nam: how to find good vouchers for traveling, how to know find the restaurant, or something like that…

Of course, I still keep the old posts on the website or you can visit the website to go on reading about marketing and SEO.

Thank you!

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